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Dover Cargo

About us

The quickest and most efficient Port for accessing UK and European markets

Strategically located, Port of Dover is a convenient and efficient point of entry and exit for goods travelling across the channel, either by ferry or as a specialised general cargo or container ship. The mere 21 miles between British and French coastlines means there is little ship deviation and fast access to either border.

Deep Water Berths

Another significant advantage of using the Port of Dover is our capacity for handling a diverse range of size and type of vessels. With ability to handle specialise refrigerated breakbulk and container vessels to a range of size of general cargo vessels

With modern facilities and state-of-the art technology, we at the Port can accommodate vessels of varying sizes, from small fishing boats to deep sea vessels. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to move large quantities of goods quickly and efficiently.

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Within the cargo terminal, we offer a range of services designed to streamline the import and export process. This includes customs clearance facilities, cargo handling and storage, and transport services.

The Port has also invested heavily into innovative technology to ensure that cargo can be tracked and monitored at every stage of the journey, giving businesses greater visibility and control over their supply chains.

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Committed to sustainability targets

At Port of Dover, we are committed to our sustainability targets, with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and supporting environmentally-friendly practices.

This includes investing in renewable energy and implementing measures to reduce waste and emissions.

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Connected & sustainable gateway

In short, Port of Dover is a highly efficient, well-connected, and sustainable gateway for businesses looking to import and export cargo between the UK and Europe.

Its modern facilities, progressive technology and range of services and experience makes us an ideal choice for companies that need to move goods quickly and efficiently, while its commitment to sustainability ensures that businesses can do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Key benefits

There are a number of benefits for transporting your cargo through Port of Dover, here are just a few:


With 1 hour to the capital, two strategic roads, M20/A20 and M2/A2, and a highly managed road network managing freight, terminal, local and passenger traffic on a daily basis, our proximity to London and the EU strengthens the connection between the UK and the Continent every day.


State of the art quayside temperature-controlled, multi chamber warehouse, with 20 out-loading delivery doors, warehouse management system VGM weighbridge and onsite UK Border Force/Port Health & DEFRA examination facility, we offer progressive solutions to transport needs together.


As an organisation we have accreditations and quality standards from 360 Quality, Organic certification, HACCP approved and are ISO accredited in quality, environmental and Health and Safety, assuring we deliver the best results every step of the way.


With a capacity of 9,639m2 with 8 individually controlled refrigerated chambers (5,500 pallets), Deepsea and coaster capacity, and 3 harbour mobile cranes with a maximum 100T lift capacity, we are able to cater to a variety of trading requirements and needs.


We have reduced our carbon footprint by 94 per cent since 2007 and have an ambitious target of becoming carbon net zero, across Scopes 1 and 2, by 2025.


At this innovative, tech-enabled Port, our engineers and stevedores provide distinctive knowledge and experience in cargo today, helping part of the £144bn trade move through the Port each year.