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We at Port of Dover are proud to be recognised as Europe’s busiest and most successful ferry port and to have thriving cruise, cargo and marina businesses.

The ability, skill, knowledge and technical expertise of our staff is a critical factor in our success, and we aim to provide a supportive environment in which our staff can develop and fulfil their potential. We support thousands of jobs locally and are constantly improving and investing to maintain our growth and success.

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We at the Port of Dover want to develop the skills necessary for our future by developing a strong talent pipeline within our organisation through a variety of apprenticeship opportunities.

We have 14 apprentices completing a variety of different courses with a variety of providers at various levels. We have apprentices in a diverse range of fields, including engineering, energy management, marina and boatyard management, digital marketing, finance, and project management to name a few. As we see our apprentices develop and learn, we want to ensure that they are supported and nourished by a strong team of experienced professionals to make sure they have a solid foundation of experience that they may apply to their future careers. We feel that apprentices are the future of our company and will be a key to our progress as a business.

Tina – Marina & Boatyard Apprentice
Ethan – IT Apprentice
Levi – Engineering T-Level student

Gender Pay Gap Statement

We believe that gender should not impact an individual’s potential and welcome the opportunity to report our gender pay gap under the Government’s new guidelines.

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