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Port of Dover 2050

Port of Dover 2050

Our world is changing rapidly. The way we travel, do business, live and work, shop, socialise, and spend our time are all being influenced by changes in society, technological advances, the nature of the economy, our climate and environment.

To ensure that the Port is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities these changes present, and be resilient in the face of the challenges they may bring, the Port of Dover has embarked on a new strategic masterplanning exercise. This exercise is looking ahead to 2050 to help us understand where we need to be planning for change, and investing for the future. It will look at a wide range of issues including transport, infrastructure, the use of the Port’s land, the future potential growth of its businesses, and support to economic development of the town, district, county and country.

This is a year long project that will run through to the summer of 2024. Throughout this process we will be engaging with key stakeholders of the Port. To support with this, we have established a dedicated Port of Dover 2050 engagement hub to get input into our plans from local people, businesses, community organisations, our customers, and port users.

In the spring of 2024 we will publish our proposed plans, and seek your feedback both online and through a range of face to face events in and around the Port.

Our engagement hub will be regularly refreshed and you can sign up for updates via the site. Our social media channels will also let you know where and when there is an opportunity to engage.

Please visit our hub and share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to hearing them!