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About us

About us


Here at the Port of Dover, we handle millions of passengers, vehicles and tonnes of cargo every year.

To oversee this, the Dover Harbour Board is responsible for the overall management and development of the Port, including the operation of the cargo and passenger terminals, the maintenance of harbour facilities and infrastructure, and the promotion of economic growth in the region.

Over the years, The Port of Dover have played a vital role in the economic development of southeastern England. We have served as a key hub for travel and trade, connecting the UK to markets across Europe and beyond. With this in mind, Dover Harbour Board has overseen numerous expansion and modernisation projects to ensure that the Port remains a world-class facility that can meet the evolving needs of the shipping industry.

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Driving trade & prosperity

We are the UK’s busiest passenger port and the busiest roll-on roll-off ferry port in Europe. We continue to play a critical role in ensuring that the UK’s trading relationship with Europe, our largest trading partner, remains strong as we move towards Brexit.

The UK’s ports are the key link providing business with access to European and global markets.

Prioritising the UK’s international gateways will ensure this thriving island economy maintains and enhances its global reach. Britain must keep trading; goods must keep moving.

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Our business mission

Our mission is to apply our skills and experience to develop a growing, vibrant and commercially focused business that contributes to our community and to the economic interests of our nation. 

Our commitment is to be the Best Port in the World for the benefit of our customers and community.

Our brand values

Port of Dover is a symbol of excellence, reliability and trustworthiness.

  • A market leader in its field(s).
  • A continually growing business.
  • A broader business than that of the past.
  • A good, responsible neighbour and safe custodian.
  • A deliverer of long-term stakeholder value.
  • An opportunistic solution provider working in partnership with others.

Value adding objectives

Beyond our statutory duty which is to administer, maintain and improve the Port of Dover there are some key elements of our business which will remain as underpinning values:

  • We will support and create economic growth nationally and locally.
  • We will ensure that staff, contractors and visitors stay safe.
  • Our services and infrastructure will remain dependable and efficient.
  • At all stages we will aim to maintain free flowing traffic.
  • Our efforts will deliver an improved environment and substantial local benefits.
  • Wherever possible we will deliver integrated facilities for customers.

How we create value

In order to deliver on our brand values and meet our core statutory functions the following principles of conduct will be placed at the heart of everything we do:

  • Good relationships will be fostered at all levels.
  • All areas of the business will deliver outstanding or good performance, we will not settle for less.
  • We will require people who perform and invest in training leaders of the future, we have identified further participants for our talent management programme and other champions of change.
  • We will review our approach and better manage risk and uncertainty.