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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Port of Dover is working hard to close the gap every day between the UK and the world by connecting trade, travel, visitors, and communities locally-globally. Collaborating with local and international partners to create a more seamless, sustainable, and tech-enabled port, we want to be a global leader in the maritime industry that benefits the people and community where we operate.

There is growing global appeal of Dover and Kent as a UK destination and we are the only UK destination named in the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel List 2022.

We also want to grow the Port’s value locally. The return of the much-anticipated Port of Dover Regatta attracted around 15,000 people to the seafront and achieved the platinum certification for the Clean Regatta designation. A weekly music programme on the Clock Tower Square during the spring and summer marked key national events such as the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, demonstrating how the Port is becoming a sustainable hub for the community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Port of Dover is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and has set challenging targets to achieve this.

In 2022, the Port of Dover moved up a gear in its sustainable ambitions – announcing an ambitious sustainability strategy in April, the port intends to reach net-zero for direct emissions and purchased energy by 2025 and net-zero for indirect emissions caused by port activity by 2030. This solidifies our position at the vanguard of UK port decarbonisation with tangible examples demonstrating progress and a clear determination to meet these targets.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


The overarching criteria for the Port of Dover’s CSR activity are:

  • Fit to the strategic intent and Port as a business
  • Fit to the CSR policy
  • Opportunity to create long-term and real value
  • Potential for long-term and sustainable partnership (especially with the local community)

Going forward, these will be assessed under the themes of:

  • Youth
  • Local
  • Maritime
  • Education
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The Port of Dover achieved a 95% reduction in our carbon emissions since 2007, installing 1.56 Mw of solar panels to produce approximately 834mwh of renewable energy per year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sound ethical culture & commitment to best practice

The governance arrangements for Trust Ports are identified first in the Government’s Trust Port review document ‘Modernising Trust Ports (second edition)’ (MTP2) revised guidance issued in August 2009 and secondly, the UK Corporate Governance Code wherever it is applicable.

The principles contained in MTP2 complement those of the UK Corporate Governance Code, which is primarily intended for companies listed on the UK stock exchange. The Port of Dover also pays due regard to the corporate governance principles set out in the Institute of Directors ‘Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in the UK’.

The Port is subject to national legislation, its own acts of Parliament and a variety of statutory instruments relating to the operation of ports.

The Port retains the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety.

Sound ethical culture commitment to best practice

Corporate Social Responsibility

Core values

The Port of Dover believes in ensuring that its relationships with its customers align with its core values of co-operation, integrity, honesty, trust, respect, financial prudence and social responsibility.

Committed to providing the best customer service based on core values, the Port conducts comprehensive customer surveys across its business streams. The Port of Dover Police force is focused on providing a safe and secure environment for the Port’s customers and delivering a responsive service to the community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Report 2022

The Port of Dover has published its 2022 CSR Report, demonstrating its ongoing dedication to sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact, and investing in the local community.

The report showcases the Port’s efforts to enhance its operations while maintaining a responsible approach, covering environmental management, community engagement, and employee well-being.

CSR Report 2022