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Dover Ferry

Arrival & check-in procedure

Step 1

Getting here & entry

Approximately 70 miles from London, the M20 will provide the quickest and most direct route for most passengers heading to Dover, particularly if coming from the West. The M20 merges into the A20 at Folkestone.

Continue along the A20 until you reach the Eastern Docks roundabout, where you will take the first left and enter Dover Ferry Terminal (Eastern Docks).

If you are coming to Dover via the M2, the road merges into the A2 at Faversham. Stay on the A2 until you get to the Eastern Docks roundabout and take a right into Dover Ferry Terminal (Eastern Docks).

Once you have arrived please enter the port and follow the signs for check-in.

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Step 2

Driving inside the port…

correct lane

Use correct lane

Please ensure you follow the correct lane.

freight stay in lane

Stay in lane

Please ensure you remain in your lane.



Stop and wait at barriers for the green light.

Step 3

Proceed to Border Controls

Please proceed to the French border controls and have all your travel documents ready. You may also be selected to proceed to UK Border controls.

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Travel documents

Please ensure you have your travel documents ready for inspection.

security check animated 1

Security check

You may also be selected for security checks, as well as UK Border Controls.

number animated 1

Allocated lane number

At check-in you will be allocated a lane number.

Step 4

Boarding the ferry…

park freight animated 1

Park in lane

Park in your allocated lane behind the vehicle in front.

wait animated 1

Wait to be called

Wait to be called to board the ferry.

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If time allows, facilities are available in the Passenger Services building.

Dover Ferry Facilities

Unaccompanied Trailers

Unaccompanied trailer park facilities are available in the Eastern Docks.

The charging rate for demurrage in the Unaccompanied Trailer Park in the Eastern Docks is £81.30 per 24 hours or part thereof. Trailers which are collected within a 24 hour period are exempt from charges. Trailers which exceed the first 24 hour period will be charged for the entire duration of their stay, calculated from the time and date of arrival.

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Abnormal load notification

Please check the below exceeded criteria information below for the vehicle will be classified as an Abnormal Load. Approval will be required before the vehicle can pass through Port of Dover by completing the form and emailing to the operator details provided.

Criteria for Abnormal load classification


If any of the following criteria are exceeded the vehicle will be classified as an Abnormal Load and approval will be required before the vehicle can pass through the Port of Dover;

  • vehicle weight exceeds 45 tonnes
  • vehicle width exceeds 3.2 metres
  • vehicle length exceeds 22 metres
  • vehicle height exceeds 4.8 metres

Download the Abnormal Load Notification Form


Please use the Notification Form to obtain approval. Both ‘Part A – Vehicle Particulars’ and ‘Part B – Journey Particulars’ should be completed and the form emailed to your intended ferry operator.

Operator contact details for sending the form


Abnormal Load Port holding costs.


Where an abnormal load arrives at the Port without a suitable escort/approval for its immediate onward travel, the following charges will be payable in respect of the time that the abnormal load is held in the Port pending arrival of the escort/approval.

0-24 hours £100.00

24-48 hours £200.00

48-72 hours £300.00

Subsequent charge per day £100.00