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Berths & Services

The Marina

Sheltered by the iconic White Cliffs and overlooked by Dover’s magnificent castle, we’re just 20 miles from France with Boulogne, Calais, Gravelines and Dunkerque all within easy sailing distance.

Dover has long been regarded as the Gateway to England – now it can be your gateway to a better boating experience. Why not pay us a visit?

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Tidal & non-tidal berths

The Outer Marina offers 250 berths which are accessible at all states of the tide.

No vessel may be anchored without the permission of the Harbour master and may not be left unattended/unmanned where such permission is granted.

Prices start £345.00 per meter (Annual berth).

Outer Marina

Offers 250 berths which can accommodate vessels up to 30m Loa and a maximum draft of 3.5m, all berths are accessible at all states of the tide.

Wellington Dock

Wellington dock has 135 berths accessible via a lock, can accommodate vessels up to 24m LOA with a maximum draft of 2.7m. 

Visitor berths

No need to book in advance! We currently have plenty of visitor berths available. Feel free to drop by the Marina Office when you arrive.

Our visitor berths provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to moor your vessel . We offer a variety of services to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or need help finding a visitor berth, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All visitors will be berthed in the Outer marina.

To ensure the check in process is as smooth as possible, please use our QR code below to pre-register.

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Berth calculator

How to use this calculator

To calculate your berth cost, please use the options in the form below to select your vessel length and the type of stay you require. Once you have completed this, you can choose an available dock from step three.

To get your cost, click on the ‘See cost’ button.

Check berth cost

If you would like to know the cost for berths at the marina, please fill in the calculator below.

1. Vessel length (metres)

2. Select a dock

3. Type of stay




Admin fee


See cost

Total cost:


Vessel size: TBC

Dock: TBC

Type of stay: TBC

This is an estimation for a formal quote.
If you would like to request more information, or to book, please contact the Marina office:

Tel: +44 (0) 1304 241 663

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Additional information
  • Weekly and monthly berths are subject to availability and payable in advance.
  • Annual berth price includes water and one free parking permit. Additional permits can be purchased.
  • A 50% surcharge may be applicable to a vessel where, in the reasonable view of Dover Harbour Board, its use of a berth restricts or prevents the use of an adjacent berth.
  • Towage services follow the UK Standard Conditions for Towage and Other Services (revised 1986).
Contractor Licence:
  • Per person employed to work on the boat: £65.00
  • Note: Contractors operating a boat repair/maintenance business from the Marina under a lease or licence from the Board are exempt from this fee.
Anchorage (Per Day):
  • Vessels between 15m and 20m Loa: £35.10
  • Vessels over 20m Loa: £52.40
Car Parking:
  • Annual Permit: £150.00
  • Berth holder monthly permit: £40.00
  • Per Day: £11.75
  • Per Week: £30.00
  • Per Month: £71.00
  • 8 hours: £7.90
Additional or Replacement Permits/Cards:
  • Electric/Access control cards: £15.00
  • Parking Permits: £15.00




All berths have electricity set at 16a, but 32a is available on our larger berths.

Toilets & Showers


Full toilet and shower facilities, plus baby changing facilities, are provided 24 hours a day situated in all berthing areas.



Laundry facilities are available in the Outer Marina South Block and Grandville dock .



Key coded entrance and access control to all berthing areas, plus security cameras monitoring 24 hours a day in the Marina. The Port of Dover has a dedicated Police Force.



Free Wi-Fi is available to all marina customers, berth holders and visitors.



Trolleys can be found at each security gate entrance to the pontoons. You will need a £1 coin to release the lock (which is refundable). Please return the trolleys after you have finished with them and please do not use them for the disposal of oil, dirty equipment or fish boxes.

Non-UK Food Waste


If your vessel has left UK waters and has food waste on board, please contact the Marina Office for correct disposal procedures.



Calor and Camping Gas can be purchased at the Sharp & Enright chandlery on Snargate Street, the BP garage in Limekiln Street and the Marina Fuel Berth.



Fuel is available from the Fuel Berth in the Tidal Harbour. The current opening hours are 7 days a week from 0600-1800. Payment can be made by cash or any major credit card. The Fuel Berth is operated by George Hammonds PLC and can be contacted on 01304 206809.

The new fuel berth in the Outer Marina is expected to open in August 2023.



The BP garage next to the Marina on Limekiln Street is open 24 hours and sells a wide range of food, household products, magazines and daily international newspapers, dry goods, cleaning materials and beverages. They also have an ATM/cashpoint facility. The new St James development includes M&S Food and The Food Warehouse which is open daily.

Car Parking


There are dedicated car parks for each dock and one parking permit is allocated to each Annual berth holder. The car parks are operated by Dover District Council and daily parking tickets can be purchased using the RingGo app. Weekly and Monthly permits can be purchased from the Marina office.

Weather Forecast


24 and 48 hour weather forecasts and synoptic charts are available from the Marina Office. Alternatively, you can get the latest forecasts by telephoning the Met Office on 0370 900 0100 (60p per minute) or visiting its website at or visit with frequent updates from the Met Office.

Traffic Updates


Keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel information. Follow us on Twitter via @PoD_travelnews.

Tidal and Non-Tidal Berths


The Outer Marina offers 250 berths which are accessible at all states of the tide. 

133 berths are available in the Grandville Dock which are accessible up to (HW -3hrs / +4hrs approx.). It should be noted that vessels with a draft in excess of 1.5m may touch soft silt when the dock is closed. A further 84 berths are provided in the Tidal Harbour with 24-hour access.

Lock Operation


The lock will be operated on a seasonal basis with timings announced in advance.

Vessel Delivery


The Port can accept vessel deliveries by sea and road transport.

Repairs and Maintenance


A hoist, with a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes, is situated in the Wellington Dock. The hoist is equipped with a jib crane to remove, engines and other equipment weighing up to 1 tonne. If you wish to book the hoist or require further information about other special services please ask at the Boatyard Office, telephone 01304 240400 ext 4545.



The directors of George Hammond PLC act as Honorary Consuls for Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Foreign nationals from these countries can contact them on 01304 201201 if they require advice or assistance.

Shore services

Are you looking for a Marina that offers the full package of services for your boat and its needs? At Dover Marina, we provide everything from maintenance and repair services to all our customers.

We are dedicated to making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term stay, we have the perfect option for you.

Lift out and wash

Lift Out, Wash Off and lift to Quay or transport.

£30.00 per metre – Additional wash at £98.80 per 30 mins or part thereof.

Lift out (no wash) & to Quay

Lift Out, (No Wash) and lift to Quay or transport.

£28.00 per metre.

Lift out (No wash)

Hold 15 mins relaunch – £12.90 per metre.

Hold 30 mins relaunch – £17.05 per metre.

Lift out, wash off and immediate relaunch (up to 30 mins wash)

£18.20 per metre – Additional £98.80 per 30 mins or part thereof.