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Using the Marina


Call Dover VTS prior to leaving the marina

Call Dover VTS on VHF CH74 prior to leaving the marina to confirm which exit you wish to use and await instruction.

Dover’s Cruise Terminal berths are frequently occupied by Cruise and other vessels throughout the year. These vessels require a significant amount of sea room in the Inner Harbour to manoeuvre. Vessels leaving the Marina must confirm with Dover VTS that they have permission to proceed prior to departure.

Vessels wishing to depart that do not have operational VHF equipment must advise the Marina Office who will liaise with Dover VTS to gain clearance.

VTS Information

VHF Channel: 74 (Dover VTS)
Tel: +44 (0) 1304 240400

VHF Channel: 80 (Marina)
Tel: +44 (0) 1304 241 663


Vessels departing to the West

Due to larger vessels entering or departing via the Western Entrance, you may be asked to wait by the Prince Of Wales Pier, in the Inner Harbour, before departing Western or coming into the Outer Harbour.


Vessels departing to the East

Due to larger vessels entering or departing the Eastern Entrance to and from the RoRo berths, small craft are normally required to proceed to the Southern part of the bay, run close to the Southern Breakwater and call ‘Dover VTS’ VHFCh.74 when adjacent to the Knuckle Lighthouse for permission to depart.


Continuous monitoring of VHF Ch.74

Vessels are requested to clear the entrances so as not to impede the passage of a larger vessel approaching the entrance or departing. All vessels are to keep a listening watch on VHF 74, until clear of the area.


When approaching the Wick Channel, it is mandatory to obey the international traffic signal. These measures are in place to ensure the safe movement of vessels due to the on-going Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development.

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