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Using the Marina

Marina navigation

At Dover Marina, we do our best to make the some of the important aspects for sailing craft owners as straightforward as possible including berthing and navigating the Marina.

All small craft must always obtain permission and instructions from ‘Dover VTS’ when two miles off for entering the Port. Even when given permission to proceed, a careful watch must be maintained at all times, with due regard for other vessels some of which may be hidden by Harbour Walls.

Please note that permission to enter the Outer Harbour is not usually granted until your craft is 200 metres from either the Western or Eastern entrance.

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Dover VTS

All craft are recommended to be fitted with a Radar reflector.  Dover is controlled by a Vessel Traffic System that works on a system of traffic clearances, in the interests of safety and navigation you are required to carry a VHF so that you can communicate and participate in the VTS.  We also recommend that you register and use the RYA Safetrax app when on your way to other harbours or marinas.

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Dover VTS

All movements within one mile of the Port of Dover and inside the harbour are controlled by Dover VTS.

Dover VTS is in constant contact with the Harbour Patrol Launch, which will be directed to intercept any vessel not complying with Dover VTS’s instructions or to assist as required.

VTS Information

VHF Channel: 74 (Dover VTS)
Tel: +44 (0) 1304 240400

VHF Channel: 80 (Marina)
Tel: +44 (0) 1304 241 663

VTS Information

It is essential that VTS Officers have access to a comprehensive traffic image at all times including factors influencing marine traffic movements, such as weather and sea conditions.

Whilst in Dover harbour and up to 1 mile from the sea walls you are required to monitor VHF channel 74.  When you are ready to enter or exit the Outer Marina or any of the Port’s entrances you need to call ‘Dover VTS’ on channel 74 and state your vessel name, where you are, and what your intentions are. Dover VTS will then grant a traffic clearance or ask you to remain where you are until the it is safe for you to proceed.

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Marina entry/exit navigation assistance

Let’s find out the all procedures and routes to enter and exit Dover’s Marina to make your arrival or departure as trouble-free as possible.