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Deliver for Dover statement

Potential £0.5bn loss to Dover was produced by independent economists Oxera

The £0.5bn loss to Dover, as quoted in the Port of Dover’s recent Deliever for Dover campaign, was produced by Oxera, leading international and independent economists who advise governments, policy makers, regulators, courts and companies around the world. 

Oxera conducted a socio-economic impact assessment of the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development. Based on accepted methodology, Oxera concluded that the new developments related to DWDR could generate significant benefits to the local economy, measured as gross value added (GVA), of which £0.5bn of GVA would be lost if the new marina, the retail opportunity of new bars, cafes, restaurants and shops, the completion of the waterfront, port centric distribution activity and jobs associated with these were not delivered if the Port cannot use the Goodwin Sands to complete the project.