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Dover’s second summer getaway weekend fully resourced

This weekend will be another very busy period as thousands more people look to get away on holiday whilst freight vehicles continue to do the important day job of keeping essential goods moving.

Following the challenging situation that unfolded in the early hours of last Friday, the Port of Dover has been working hard with all stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of its summer plan, are in place.

The Port has had significant dialogue with UK Government and French officials over the past few days and has increased confidence in their plans to provide the required resource throughout the coming weekend.

Doug Bannister, CEO, Port of Dover said: “We know from how the whole port system performed to clear the equivalent of over 200 miles of freight and tourist traffic combined and get the system back to normal by Sunday morning, that with French border controls fully staffed and the additional booths we have invested in being fully utilised, our collective summer plan works.  We in turn, together with our ferry operators and port traffic management teams, will be equally ensuring that we are fully resourced once again to provide the best overall experience for customers and to keep Kent’s roads flowing and our community open.  I am extremely grateful to French border colleagues for their commitment this coming weekend and the fundamental difference this should now make to customers, ferry operators, Kent partners and our community.”

We expect to welcome around 140,000 passengers, 45,000 cars and 18,000 freight vehicles through the port from today and over the busy weekend. Customers should still expect the normal 60-90 minute average wait to get through French border controls at peak times but are reminded that once they have boarded their ferry in Dover and are enjoying the hospitality and retail our operators have to offer, they can drive straight off the ferry on arrival in Dunkirk and Calais to continue their journeys with no baggage belts or additional border checks.

Those preparing to travel to the Port of Dover are asked to check with their chosen ferry operator for updates, to head to the port via the main M20/A20 and M2/A2 routes to help keep local communities clear of port-bound traffic and ensure they bring food, water and supplies for the journey.

We look forward to getting all our customers on their way over the coming days.

Thursday 28th July 2022