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Harbour now open for swimming and water activities – 19th August

The health and safety of our customers and community is of the utmost importance to us. Recent routine tests on the Harbour water quality showed an above normal level of E.coli, so the decision was taken on Sunday (16/08/2020) to close the Harbour for swimming and water activities as a precautionary measure.

Samples have since been taken on Monday (17/08/2020) and Tuesday (18/08/20) and the results confirm that the elevated levels of E. Coli have reduced and now meets the Bathing Water Quality Standards and the beach has reopened.

Port of Dover would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. 

Water quality changes over time, even in the course of one day. This may be due to heavy rain or tides washing pollution into the water that flows into a bathing water from the surrounding catchment. Prior to the spike in results detected in Dover there had been heavy rain following a very dry period.  This causes surface water to run over the ground surface and enter the sea directly or via the River Dour picking up contamination along the way.  We have also seen a period of extremely high temperatures, unusually calm seas and increased use of the recreational area.  Together these elements have combined to cause the spike detected on this occasion. 

Increased monitoring will continue throughout the bathing season.

We thank everyone for their patience and cooperation in this matter. 

For further information on Government bathing water quality standards click here. Further information can also be found on the NHS website or contact NHS 111.