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ParkerSteel Celebrates New Partnership with the Port of Dover

ParkerSteel Ltd, a leading steel stockholder and processor in the southeast, and the Port of Dover, known for being the UK’s most popular ferry port and renowned for its world-class cargo business, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to advance both organisations’ growth objectives and capitalise on their shared values and expertise.

The Port of Dover, due to its strategic geographical location as the shortest crossing point to Europe, has historically served as a vital trade link. Today, it continues to play an integral role as a transportation and trade hub, connecting industries across the UK with global suppliers.

Dylan Alexander, the Managing Director of ParkerSteel, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone in ensuring the stability and efficiency of our operations, allowing us to provide our customers with uninterrupted service and consistent stock availability throughout the year. The Port of Dover’s established track record of reliability and resilience, combined with our shared commitment to delivering exceptional service and value, will undoubtedly set new benchmarks for excellence in the steel industry.”

Alison Hall, the Head of Business Development of Port of Dover Cargo, was also in attendance at the partnership signing, remarking: “The Port of Dover has gone from strength to strength in recent years, seeing the diversification of our cargo business to become a pinnacle port in the UK for the import of European and International steel. Our newly announced partnership agreement represents another step forward for both organisations in creating an import hub for steel and strengthens our strategy to grow our presence in supporting the construction sector in the Southeast, which signals a win for the local businesses that are served by ParkerSteel.

At the Port of Dover, the exchange of ideas and innovation is essential to the work we do as a game-changing cargo terminal, and we’re thrilled to be working with ParkerSteel to deliver supply chain resilience through our shared vision and ambitions over the coming years.”

The partnership agreement brings numerous benefits for both organisations. Gary Axford, the Purchasing Director at ParkerSteel, highlighted the advantages, stating: “The Port of Dover’s exceptional location and robust infrastructure will provide ParkerSteel with a secure and reliable base for our operations, optimising our logistical processes. The allocated space for our lorries will streamline the offloading of each new shipment, driving efficiency and cost-savings for both parties.”

Karen Hayes, the General Manager of Port of Dover Cargo, added, “This partnership acknowledges the hard work and commitment that both organisations have made over the last couple of years. Port of Dover Cargo has worked to position itself as a market leader in handling steel cargo with expertise in handling a diverse range of steel types and shipment sizes. With our deep-sea berths and experience in handling various vessels – from coasters to deep-sea vessels – we look forward to supporting ParkerSteel with their sourcing requirements from around the world.”

This partnership solidifies the long-standing relationship between ParkerSteel and the Port of Dover, opening up exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration. The shared vision and commitment to excellence between the two organisations will undoubtedly lead to mutual success and enhanced service offerings for their valued customers.


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About ParkerSteel Ltd: ParkerSteel Ltd is a leading steel stockholder and processor based in the southeast, offering a wide range of high-quality steel products and services.

About the Port of Dover: The Port of Dover is the UK’s busiest international ferry port, serving as a vital gateway for trade and transportation between Britain and Europe.

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