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Port of Dover 2050: Navigating Challenges, Inspiring Innovations and Mapping the Future of Our Port


Five weeks on from the launch of Port of Dover 2050, our strategic master planning exercise, a considerable amount of work has already taken place to prepare the Port to become the UK’s most seamless, sustainable, and tech-enabled port and a symbol of national trade resilience and future growth.

Fond reflections

Here at the Port, we are lucky enough to be part of something that is a regional and national asset awash with a rich and iconic heritage. We’re proud to serve the nation as the busiest international ferry port and shortest crossing point to Europe and thus take our role as stewards of this geographic asset and within the community seriously.

We have welcomed the memories pinned by our port community and stakeholders on our digital map on our dedicated Port of Dover 2050 site, where we’ve read about our famous White Cliffs being the signal of an unforgettable holiday beginning, seal sightings on Dover beach, dragon boat racing at the Port of Dover Regatta and even weddings held on our seafront.

Aspiring for greatness

In today’s dynamic world, the Port of Dover is seeking to understand where we need to be planning for change and investing for the future. Port of Dover 2050 will be our comprehensive roadmap to the future, which will consider everything from enhancements we can make to transport and infrastructure, to how we use our land, how we grow as a business and importantly, how we as a Port can best support the economic and social development of Dover, Kent and the UK as a net zero society. In an era marked by pressing challenges, such as climate concerns and the widespread integration of AI technology, we must recognise the considerable influence all future trends will have on the functionality of our Port.

Port of Dover 2050 is all about how we respond to these challenges and strategically plan to achieve our vision to become the UK’s most seamless, sustainable, and tech-enabled Port.

We’re continuing the conversation, listening to the ideas and innovations of all port stakeholders to help shape our plans as they develop during our 12-week public consultation in Spring 2024. Today, we’re asking for your input so we can plan effectively for change and allocate vital investment in our future by pinning your aspirations for the Port to our second digital map.

Innovative ideas

Launching today, we’re inviting you to pin your ambitions for the Port on our new map, which will be live until Friday 22 December.

You may have a solution to an existing challenge or frustration, an imaginative idea for something new, or concepts for a simple success. For a kickstart, here are a few insights and thoughts that have emerged from some of our conversations so far:

• How can we empower exchange through better connections: should we try and create a better route between the Eastern and Western Docks (e.g. for freight or tourists) and can the links between the waterfront and town be improved for our community and visitors?

• To ensure that we are seamless, smart, and sustainable: what ideas are there for minimising congestion, maximising traffic fluidity and throughput, and ensuring we achieve decarbonisation, whilst also enhancing the customer experience?

• Can we close the gap between us and the world: by making Dover a top coastal destination for people travelling by ferry or cruise, making the beach more inviting and introducing more shops and amenities on the waterfront?

Please share your pioneering ideas and feel empowered to have your say on how we can achieve this together!

Port of Dover 2050 Aspirations