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Port of Dover Community Fund supports local lipreading class

The Port of Dover Community Fund, via the Kent Community Foundation, has recently awarded a grant of £3,500 to local deaf charity, HI KENT, to fund the charity’s Whitfield lipreading class for 3 years.

This professionally taught weekly class is offered free of charge to local people living with hearing loss.  Learning to lipread can help with communication and “fills in the gaps” in conversation which hearing aids may not always pick up, leading to an improvement in confidence and renewed enjoyment of social interaction.

Hi Kent’s Debra Jones, who coordinates Hi Kent’s 25 lipreading classes said “ We are so thankful that the Port of Dover Community Fund has been able to help us in this way and that the future of this extremely valuable class is guaranteed for the next 3 years and will benefit many local people living with hearing loss”

Jenny Beacon, Internal Communications & CSR Executive from the Port of Dover said “Being able to communicate confidently is such a fundamental part of everyday life and something that helps bring communities, friends and families closer together.  It was lovely to be able to visit the group during a class and take part. Pat, the tutor talked about context of sentences and made sure she faced us with eye contact when lip-reading.  I am delighted the Port of Dover Community Fund has been able to support Hi Kent and help people with hearing loss learn lip-reading skills in a caring and friendly and fun environment.”