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Port of Dover Hosts Brogdale CIC Students at Seafront Wildlife Area

The Port of Dover recently hosted students from Brogdale Community Interest Company, an organisation that provides practical learning experiences aimed at enhancing skills, providing qualifications and equipping young people for a positive step into adulthood.

The Craftworks College students from Brogdale CIC enjoyed a task day at Dover seafront, working on the Seafront Wildlife Area with their tutors to benefit the wildlife. Students are studying a vocational course in practical horticulture at Muddy Wellies Community Farm in Smeeth and have put their skills to use to help Port of Dover.

Liz Fagg, Horticulture Tutor at Brogdale CIC, said “This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take part in a work task for a local employer.  They have been honing their horticulture skills as well as learning about wildlife linked to horticulture on their course with Craftworks College.  This task brings together the aims of our course to develop skills and move towards employment and positive life activities.  It is fun for them to garden in a new location and teaches the students the importance of looking after the environment in our local community.”

Megan Turner, Environment and Sustainability Manager at the Port of Dover, said “The Seafront Wildlife Area was created by the Port in 2010 to enhance and promote the coastal vegetated shingle habitat, which is a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat. The wildlife area is managed by promoting natural colonisation and allowing wild plants to self-seed. To facilitate this, the seed heads and dead material is left in situ over winter to provide shelter and food for insects and birds, this material is then removed in spring to make way for new growth. By involving the students in this process, it is not only a wonderful learning opportunity for them but also helps the port maintain this rare habitat by working with experts in our local community.”

Notes to Editors

The Port of Dover is the UK’s busiest international ferry port, handling more lorries than all other UK ports put together through an unrivalled and fluid operation capable of facilitating 120 ferry movements and 110 miles of freight per day. £144bn worth of UK trade and 33% of all trade with the EU is handled by the Port of Dover.