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Port of Dover Response to Transport Committee’s Road Freight Supply Chain Report

“The Port of Dover welcomes the Transport Select Committee’s Road Freight Supply Chain Report, in particular its specific focus on the impending EU Entry Exit System and the need for the UK government to urgently grasp the issue, working with the French government as well as the European Commission on finding a practical solution with enough time to implement, that enables trade on this critical route to flow after it is introduced. 

Currently, plans for EES involve every British and other non-EU passenger that wishes to pass through the French border in Dover physically submitting digital profiles and undergoing biometric checks at the port under the supervision of Police Aux Frontieres officials.  This will cause significant additional processing time per vehicle and raises serious concerns for traffic queues, as well as safety.

The Port also supports the report’s acknowledgement of the need for improved driver facilities and lorry parking, reflecting the  value of what the people in the haulage industry do.”