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Summer Getaway Travel Advice

With the school holidays fast approaching, ports and airports around the country will be busy with the summer getaway.

If you are travelling through the Port of Dover this summer, here are a few points to make your journey as smooth as possible.


  • Roads in general, and roads to the port in particular, will be busy. Please plan your journey and allow plenty of time.
  • Follow @POferriesupdate  @DFDSUKUpdates @PoD_travelnews @HighwaysSEAST on Twitter for travel updates.
  • Carry sufficient food and water for your journey.

Sailing Updates:

  • Please check with your ferry operator for sailing and check-in information.

At the Port:

  • On entering the port, please follow the signs for your sailing and stay in lane.
  • Please have your passport to hand – you will need it for French Border Control and also at the check-in booths for your ferry company. Please remove the passport from any cover.
  • Traffic may be held in multiple lanes, known as the Buffer Zone, at the front of the port while waiting to pass through French border and security checks. These checks are for your safety and those of travellers around you. Please be patient.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your trip. Have a safe journey.