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Update to Piling Works for Outer Wave Wall and Workboat Pontoon

Following our initial announcement last week, our contractor has made a successful start to the piling works for the Workboat Pontoon and Outer Wave Wall.

The first few days of activity have provided an opportunity to assess progress and indeed review the work schedule with the contractor. Having done so, we are pleased to say that the contractor is now confident that the length of disruption from the noisier impact hammer piling can be reduced by at least two thirds.

The contractor will need some flexibility over exact timings, but we are now able to confirm that impact piling will only be required up to a maximum of two short slots per day, with each slot only lasting up to 20 minutes (and still excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Swimming is allowed at all times outside the brief periods of impact piling and these periods will be advised each day by Beach Patrol management who will be on site to ensure public safety at the appropriate times.

During the short periods of impact piling, no swimming will be permitted, and vessel movements will still be controlled via Port Control with boat owners contacting Port Control in the normal way to get permission to proceed. Ear protection will still be required at these times, which is being made available for use from the Marina Office.

At all times:

  • the beach will remain accessible;
  • the Marina Pier will be open, but the far end will be closed from Mon. 8am to Sat 12.30pm during the period of piling works.
  • paddling will be permitted; and
  • water sport activities can be undertaken, though individuals must wear a buoyancy aid to ensure their head does not remain underwater for a prolonged period of time during any impact piling as noise levels will be more significant.

As well as reducing the disruption to swimmers, the revised approach will also help the contractor to further accelerate progress and so we hope that this is welcome news all round.

We appreciate your continued cooperation as we work to maintain maximum access to the beach and water whilst delivering a key part of this exciting waterfront regeneration programme as quickly as possible.   

We will of course continue to liaise with affected stakeholders and update signage on the seafront accordingly.

If anyone is planning on organising, or has already planned, any swimming events between 15th August and November, please contact us so that we can try to accommodate.

If you have any questions or concerns about these works, please email