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Walker Construction Trust Defibrillator Donation

Dedicated to the local communities they serve, Walker Construction is pleased to have founded the Walker Construction Trust in 2019. The Trust is a grant-making organisation run and managed by the Walker Construction employees. Walker Construction employees raised an application to receive a grant to provide a defibrillator along Dover Seafront.

The grant application was accepted by the Walker Construction Trust and a defibrillator was installed and located at the ice-cream kiosk opposite Dover Harbour Board offices.

Steve Walker, Chairman of Walker Construction and Trustee of The Walker Construction Trust said: “We leave a legacy when we complete a project, it, therefore, seems a natural extension of our duties to provide support for the safety of our communities and we are delighted to be able to help do this by providing this defibrillator for the benefit and peace of mind of the Dover community.”

Vicki Beatty, Head of Head of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality, added “ We are delighted to work with Walker Construction to deliver this invaluable resource to the local community.  For every minute  that someone is in cardiac arrest without receiving CPR their chance of survival reduces by 10%.  Making this device readily available could make the difference between life and death.  Provision of this device is a result of the effective collaboration between Walkers and Dover Harbour Board and is a fitting legacy to the project.”

Thanks go to Harbour Print for their involvement in creating the beachfront signage regarding the location of the new defibrillator.

Notes to Editors

The Port of Dover is the UK’s busiest international ferry port, handling more lorries than all other UK ports put together through an unrivalled and fluid operation capable of facilitating 120 ferry movements and 110 miles of freight per day. £144bn worth of UK trade and 33% of all trade with the EU is handled by the Port of Dover.