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Port Marine Safety Code

It is the Dover Harbour Board’s policy that in delivering marine operations and services, the protection of the health and safety of its employees, customers, users and contractors and the protection of the Port environment will be given the highest priority.

Dover Harbour Board requires that all maritime statutory duties, applicable laws and regulations are met and that codes of practice and relevant guidelines are adhered to at all times. Regulations and best practice are defined in the governments Port Marine Safety Code, (the Code) and its accompanying Guide to Good Practice.

The Port of Dover Compliance Plan defines how the Port meets the Code’s requirements. The Port of Dover provides the Marine Coastguard Agency with a written statement of compliance, signed by the Chairman of the Dover Harbour Board, on a tri-annual basis.

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Safe working environment

Dover Harbour Board aims to minimise work-related injuries and illnesses by demanding high standards of working practices and providing a safe working environment.

Any Health and Safety risks identified are addressed by the Board’s Safety Management System. Dover Harbour Board employees are involved in achieving these aims by reporting previously unidentified safety risks, regularly reviewing existing risks, maintaining safe working practices and monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of improvements to the Marine Safety Management System. 

In order to identify and manage Marine Risks, the Board and its Stakeholders have complied the Port of Dover – Navigation Risk Assessment.

Health & safety and environmental protection and training

All employees are required to be committed to achieving and maintaining Dover Harbour Board’s high standards of health & safety and environmental protection and receive training and support to enable them to meet these standards.

The Marine Operations Department Staff are directly involved in the maintenance and verification of the Board’s Marine Safety Management Systems, including the Navigation Risk Assessment.

The Board seeks to identify, analyse and fulfil employee-training requirements by regularly reviewing and consulting with staff in order to continuously improve their skills, particularly in relation to marine safety and environmental management.

All Dover Harbour Board staff directly employed in delivering marine operations or services or indirectly providing support to marine operations or services must understand, implement and comply with this policy.