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Two sets of Bye-laws made by the Dover Harbour Board are in force.

Harbour Bye-laws

Harbour Bye-laws made in 1953 (under the Dover Harbour Act 1949 and subject to certain provisions of the Local Government Act 1933) for the regulation of Dover Harbour and the navigation thereof and for other purposes. These bye-laws have been amended several times, most recently in 1982.

Download an up-to-date version of the Harbour Bye-laws, consolidating all amendments and including a footnote relating to current of level of penalties pursuant to Bye-law 69.

Control of housebots

Bye-laws made in 1966 (under the Dover Harbour Consolidation Act 1954 and the Dover Harbour Act 1963) for the purpose of controlling houseboats.  The Bye-laws have never been amended, but the section of the Dover Harbour Act 1963 that specifies the penalty for non-compliance was amended in 2006.  The current level of penalty is set out in the Notice published alongside the Bye-laws.

Download the Control of Houseboats Bye-laws and accompanying notice

Harbour limits

Both sets of Bye-laws make reference to the Admiralty Chart No 1698 on which the limits of the Dover harbour are marked with a red line. Download a copy of the chart

Other By laws

All other Bye-laws – such as the Dover Harbour Bye-laws 1862 and 1924, the Explosives Bye-laws 1877 and 1956, and the Petroleum Spirit and Carbide of Calcium Bye-laws 1949 – have been repealed, and any copies that may be in circulation are of historical interest only.