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Summer Getaway Travel Information

To help us help you have the smoothest journey to and through the port, there are several things that you can do.

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Working in partnership

The ferry operation at the Port of Dover is an efficient and coordinated system of infrastructure provision (the port authority), border processing (Police Aux Frontières and Border Force) and check-in, traffic assembly and loading (the ferry operators – DFDS, Irish Ferries and P&O Ferries).

Led by the port authority, all partners come together to jointly plan and deliver the necessary resource for the swiftest passage through the port system, based on bookings data and traffic projections.

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ID Card Guidelines

Please be reminded of the updated regulations and guidelines concerning ID cards for entry to the UK. For more information:

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UK Border Allowances

Once you have been cleared from Border Control, some motorists (but not all) will be asked to pull into the search building, where your vehicle may be searched. This is a standard procedure and agents are just checking for any contraband.

There are allowances for products such as alcohol and tobacco. For more information and guides to what duty free allowances you are allowed to travel with, please visit.

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Travelling with pets

Since April 2000, pet owners have been permitted to travel onboard ferries with their pets, providing certain requirements are met.

Please, check with your ferry operator before travel, and see the latest Government information to know all the details.

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GOV.UK Travel Advice

Before travelling, check in with the UK government’s foreign travel advice for your destination country.

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Travel Information

For the latest travel information, please visit:

Port of Dover

Ferry Operators

National Highways

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey.